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The Czech Republic – like a good movie: More you watch it, more you like it

Today, the current serious business is unthinkable without international Business Events. And the fact you are on our site means you are looking for a solution of this issue.

Hence, we are inviting you to focus your attention just onto the Czech Republic. And to select us, i.e. AGROLEX – a Czech tour operating company experienced in working in this sphere of international tourism – as a reliable partner.

The Czech Republic will enchant you with its beauties, thrilling stories from its history, and inimitable joy of the present life. It resembles a good movie: the more you watch it, the more you like it.

On our part, we will make your project a pleasurable event of your life as well as life of your partners, companions and friends.

Our offer is as follows: M.I.C.E., business travel, specialized branch programmes, organization of corporate events and participation in exhibitions.

Our work is based on a complex attitude: Planning, creativity, organizing and realization of events.

Method of work: Collaboration on the basis of equality of rights and friendly contacts.

There is no need for you to invent anything. We will think out and organize everything for you as you wish.

Call us, write to us, and share your ideas with us: MICE(at), +420 222 231 210.

We are always open to your ideas and requirements.

Do you want to become heroes of your movie?