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D9 – Pilsner Urquell Excursion

42 € | Wednesday, Sunday
Pickup time 10:00
Duration 5

Join to learn about history and secrets behind making the legendary Pilsner Urquell lager. You can see the actual spot in the brewery where Pilsner Urquell beer has been brewed using the same recipe since 1842. The tour of the Pilsner Uruell brewery would not be complete without a visit to the historic brewery cellars carved into the rock, where you can test unfiltered and unpasterized Pilsner Urquell on tap straight from oak lager barrels. We shall guide you through our modern bottling plant, with its capacity of 120.000 bottles per hour; a unique exposition on the ingredients we use; and the historic and modern Pilsner Urquell brewhouse.